Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using BrainPop to Enrich Math Instruction

This has been my first year to use BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. . I have heard of these sites via Twitter but haven't had the opportunity to explore them. Let me preface this post by saying that I am not endorsed or represent these sites in an way. With that said, here are the ways I have used the resources on these sites to provide enrichment for my 3rd graders.

1. Whole Group Review

The site offers a great selection of videos that explain and illustrate many different math concepts. My students enjoy the videos and find them very entertaining.

2. Math in the Real-World

To apply skills, I like to have my students complete the activities that are included with each lesson. Many times, I find word problems that incorporate the concepts in a real world setting, such as creating a menu by using estimation skills. The Read More section on BrainPop also offers some real world examples of Math in everyday life. Usually when I show this section, my students have an "aha" moment of how they can apply and see math in their lives.

3. Thinking and Collaborating
Some of the activities provide opportunities for writing and discussion. I especially like the BrainPop Jr. format that provides sections on Write About It, which I use as journal prompts, and Talk About It, which I use for small group discussions. There is also a section called, Read About It that lists several popular children's literature titles to further explore the concepts.

4. Online Quizzes

After each lesson, the site provides the option of printing a quiz or taking it online. I usually opt for the online version and have my students take the quiz as a class. First, I have them read the item and start eliminating a few choices. Next, I have them choose from the ones left, discuss with a partner why they chose that option, and further justify their selection for the class. Sometimes my students are in agreement with their partner, and other times they change their answer after talking to their partner. I feel that this discussion needs to take place to assist in their thinking.

Overall, I am very satisfied with both sites. I highly recommend them to teachers who would like more interactive ways to review and apply skills across grade levels and content areas. I am still in the process of exploring how to integrate other lessons and resources into my gifted curriculum.

How do you use BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. in your classroom or gifted program?


  1. I use Brainpop for Math, SS, Science! My students are so engaged and they always want to answer the quiz. They break up in groups of 4 and each group is very competitive for getting the correct answer. At the end, they get to see which group answered correctly and I have some formative assessment for my students. I usually use it as a springboard and/or introduction to a new concept. What type of curriculum does your school district use. I am curious because our district uses CSCOPE which is very scripted and provides no resources.

    1. Josephine,

      Thank you for sharing how you use BrainPop. It's a great tool for introducing and reviewing concepts. Our school uses a variety of programs, some which are scripted and others that are not. If you are ever in need of some interactive resources for your class please let me know! I have compiled a great collection of resources on my Diigo account and follow lots of great teachers on Twitter who are very helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!



  2. Hello Mrs. Deyamport, I am Kia Hunter, I attend the University of South Alabama and I am required to comment on your blog. I am familiar with BrainPop from a few years ago. I was required to observe a fifth grade class for a week and they used BrainPop for Science. The videos were very animated, and informative for the students. I am happy that teachers do look like to venture out towards new and fun ways for their students to learn.

  3. Hello again!

    BrainPop has been a great addition to our enrichment math group. I especially like the way they introduce math in an interactive yet real world way. Many times, when students learn concepts they have a difficult time applying it to their lives. What grade or subjects do you have an interest in teaching?