Friday, August 30, 2013

All the Pieces Fit

Happy New (School) Year! We are off to a great start and I am thrilled to be back for another year to co-teach in an area I absolutely love. We started our school year with our typical All About Me Unit, only this time I wanted to add a new spin.  Every year we are expected to keep records of inventories our students take, which include interest, multiple intelligences, as well as expression style inventories. I make sure to explain the purpose of these inventories and their role in learning in our classroom. However, I felt that over the years we normally complete them, discuss the results, and then store them away (usually to collect dust). This year I would like to use this information as a reference point for my students as I prepare them to individualize their learning.  As an activity, I had my students to either complete a puzzle piece or their own puzzle to show how all the pieces fit for them. Here is what the puzzle pieces included:

For 2nd and 3rd Grades:
1. Preferred Multiple Intelligence(s)
2. Interests
3. Goals for the class

For  the large puzzle piece template, click here.

For 4th-6th Grades: 
1. Preferred Multiple Intelligence(s)
2. Preferred Expression Style(s)
3. Interests
4. Goals for the class
5. Career Goal(s)

For the individual puzzle template, click here.

I think these will make a great display and later serve as a reminder for the remainder of the school year. To view other creative puzzle pieces, click here.