Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bringing the World to My School: Culture Day 2012

Last week our school hosted its Second Annual Culture Day. Our Spanish teacher and I host this event to explore and celebrate diversity in our school and around the world. This year, however, we made a few changes to improve the experience for our students. Our goal was to organize a way so that all our students can fully experience cultural exploration. Let me say we achieved this and much more!
I was fortunate enough to have two university partners who were willing and flexible in making my vision to have guest speakers in our classrooms a reality. They helped me gather international students in their departments to come speak to our classes. These university students had prepared engaging and interactive presentations for our children.
Volunteers presenting on Japan to our Pre-K students. 
Another component of Culture Day was our Diego Rivero Exhibit. Our Spanish teacher was awarded a Spring PTA grant that provided our school with a traveling exhibit from Teacher's Discovery that our whole school and community could enjoy. She also focused a unit around his murals and had students create their own murals to decorate outside her classroom. We can all agree that this has been a great addition to our Culture Day Celebration! Have a look at these stunning masterpieces!

The culminating event included two variety shows with student-led performances and presentations. So it comes to no surprise that my 4th and 6th graders had to take part in some way. They had the huge task of preparing introductions for our performances, serving as helpers (who took pictures and escorted speakers to their designated classrooms) during the classroom presentations, and even preparing for performances of their own! In a nutshell, they researched, they planned, and they practiced. The best part is that I didn’t make this mandatory or really an assignment for that matter. They took it upon themselves to complete these tasks to ensure the Culture Day would take place. And that is what reaffirms why I do what I do. Without them, this event could not have been made possible!
I am grateful for our Spanish teacher, Music teacher, Strings teacher, faculty, and administration for participating in our shows and providing much needed support. In addition, I appreciate my university contacts for helping make my dream of bringing the world to our classrooms a reality. 


  1. Mrs. Deyamport, Culture Day sounds like it is a lot of fun! I think it is awesome that your students were so involved in a project that was not even mandatory. The support system from the faculty and the university was major help. This entire day I think is important for the students so that they can learn about how people do things all over the world. Keep up the good work with introducing your students about different walks of life.

  2. Hello Kia,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Culture Day is definitely a highlight of my year and the students in my classes and in our school love being a part of it. Our district motto is, "Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders." I feel that in order to prepare our students to become tomorrow's leaders, they need to have a sense and appreciation for global awareness.



  3. I enjoyed reading about the culture day. It's something that I would like to bring to our school and something that our community would enjoy.
    How long was the event? Did you have it in the evening for parents to attend as well?

  4. Hi ValenGarcia43,

    Thanks for stopping by. The event takes place during the school day, and volunteers usually come to the classrooms in the morning while the shows take place in the afternoon. We normally have parents and family members attend either of our shows. I'm sure you can host an evening show for your school- that's an excellent idea! Let me know if you have other questions or need tips. I am willing to chat with you and share any documents I have created (i.e Letters home, sample schedule for volunteers, etc.). Just leave me your email or Twitter handle. Mine is @Elle_Gifted. Good luck!