Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Byrdseed TV: A Digital Hub for Teaching Ideas

Just recently I have been asked to contribute to Byrdseed TV by the ever amazing, Ian Byrd. I had the opportunity to meet Ian in person at the last National Association for Gifted Children Convention in Indianapolis after being a huge fan of his work for several years. I have also followed him on Twitter and love his approach to inserting rigor and relevance into core subjects, especially in writing. So I was very pleased when I came across his newest venture, Byrdseed TV.

Much like his original website, ByrdSeed TV offers a variety of lesson ideas and tips for a wide range of topics such as Writing, Creativity, Technology, Careers, and more. Along the way, he has enlisted the help of several teachers of the gifted who are willing (and not to mention brave) to share their favorite and successful lessons. This sharing is what makes this site so dynamic for me. But perhaps the most helpful aspects are the explanations of how one goes about preparing/planning for several products as well as the different perspectives offered. As I watch lessons under each category, I find myself taking notes for future lessons that can either be inserted or modified into my own curriculum.

Here is an excerpt of my contribution on Research Podcasts:

I encourage you to check out this site because I genuinely feel that it is an excellent resource for educators of the gifted. Whether you are a newbie teacher looking for ways to challenge your students or a veteran teacher searching for fresh ideas, this is a great place to start. Or if you are an Ian fan like myself, I promise this site delivers! Make sure to type in “elle” at checkout for a free month on monthly plans, or a month off of annual plans. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Mrs. Deyamport, it is Tyler Mills again! I saw the the reply to the last comment I left. I will definitely have to check out your class twitter. The Byrdseed TV website seems very helpful. I have just started my journey in the education field, so I could use this website to help me out. Thanks for the helpful sites and information!

    1. Hello again, Tyler!

      I am glad you found Byrdseed TV helpful. If you are in need of more websites for teaching, definitely check out my lists and bookmarks on Diigo. It's a social bookmarking site where I keep all my resources and my go-to place to find more ideas.

      Thanks for stopping by,