Wednesday, February 8, 2012

At the Crossroads with MECA

This week I attended the Mississippi Educational Computing Association's Annual Conference. Although this was my second year attending, it was my first to present. I was thrilled to lead a hands-on session on Using Skype in the Classroom. My goal was to share different classroom applications of Skype along with providing guidance on how to create an account with Skype and the Skype in the Classroom community. I especially enjoyed the hands-on part of my session because I was able to have participants test several features of the program on their own and search for teachers and projects on the Skype in the Classroom site. My hope is that participants feel comfortable to start connecting and collaborating with others.

Another aspect I love about MECA is learning about new tech tools, approaches, and even tricks of the trade. I attended sessions that ranged from iPad Apps for the classroom to ways to utilize digital photography in the classroom. During my hands-on sessions, I was able to create a short movie about my school using Windows MovieMaker and assist my husband Will (@peoplegogy) at his Twitter session. As expected, I picked up a few tricks along the way that will only make my teaching even more relevant and engaging for my hugest and most important audience- my fast-paced digital learners.

I thank my district's tech team and colleagues for attending my session and providing me some much needed support in setting up. I also want to thank our district tech director for granting me this opportunity to attend.


  1. Hello Mrs. Deyamport! It seems that you had a great time at the MECA Conference. I would have loved to attend the conference, especially your session on Skype. I will be using Skype in one of my assignments this semester. Although I have used Skype before, I am not really sure how to effectively use it in the classroom. All of the session that you attended would have been something of interest to me. iPads in the classroom are becoming a great tech tool. I am sure that you received lots of useful information to take back and share with others.

    I visited the link, Skype in the Classroom Project: Skype Novel Studies, that you listed on your blog. What a great use of technology in Reading! It seems like it is a interesting way to have a book discussion. I'm sure that your students will enjoy it.

    I have enjoyed following you thus far. I have already found things that I would like to use in my classroom from your post. I look forwarding to reading more from you.

  2. Hi Jami!

    Thanks for the follow! If you are interested in learning new ways to use Skype in your classroom, check out my post titled, "Skype in the Gifted Classroom Presentation." I have uploaded the full length video and offer tips. Please let me know if you have further questions, and I will be glad to help!

    As you can see, I absolutely enjoy conferences. They are a great way to learn what others are doing in their classrooms, new tools to implement in my classroom, and a way to recharge with new ideas. Also, thanks to my PLN on Twitter, I have been able to learn new tools and approaches too. I keep stressing in my sessions that my way of giving back is to document and share what I have done via my blog.

  3. Hello Mrs.Deyamport, I am a student pursuing my dream of becoming a physical education teacher. I am motivated by your passion,seems like you enjoy your profession.I was wondering ways I could use technology in my future classroom setting.How could I apply Skype in a physical education setting? Did they have any suggestions at the conference?

    1. Hello Joe!

      Skype in P.E.-what a wonderful idea! Many of the ideas and tools that I came across at the MECA conference related to more academic settings like the regular education classroom or content-specific classrooms (i.e. science or math). However, there is so much you can do. One thing that comes to mind is using dance, songs, and exercises during your calls. You can play a Simon Says type game with your partner class and have both classes perform a task or exercise. I would also be interesting to see what kind of games or exercises are also played in different countries and you can take your students "around the world" through Skype calls. These are just some ideas to get you started. Good luck to you and please let me if you have further questions.